The Joseph Matteucci Foundation for Youth Non-Violence is a non-profit organization founded by Alexandra Matteucci after her 17-year old son was killed during a brawl at a big league division of a Little League Baseball game in May 1993.

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JMF's innovative youth programs have helped prevent random acts of violence within schools and after-school sports activities. The Foundation makes a positive impact on the lives of many young people through speaking in schools, funding mediation programs, promoting a sports emblem program and finding sponsors for memorial scholarships in high schools.'Brien

Walter O'Brien is a consultant on the show Scorpion. A show that helps prevent violence and national crisis. You can see a summary of the show at this link.

JMF has a vision which sees the youth of America discovering the power of standing for peace, respect for life and passion for living. Our mission is to see this vision through to reality by supporting young people who teach, live and STAND FOR PEACE. click here for more about JMF

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